Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! October 16, 2018

Reminders - Scholastic Book orders due by Thursday, October 18
                   - Movie Night - Thursday, October 18 at 5:30 pm
                   - NO SCHOOL on Friday, October 19

KOATS FOR KIDS - We are still collecting gently used coats for kids.
PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS - We are also collecting plastic bags at school to be recycled.

You can still order tickets for the Christmas Supper.  The supper will be held on Saturday, November 17 at the Caboto Centre.  It is always a fun, family evening with lots of good food and auction prizes.

I'm sure you have heard that we have two new classroom pets.  There are two  - baby guinea pig brothers and they are very cute!  We brainstormed a lot of name ideas yesterday and today we voted.  Democracy is sometimes a challenge to understand. 😃
Their names are Peanut (mostly brown) and Taco (brown with a black head).
The helper gets to hold them during our Morning Meetings and the children can share some of their morning snacks with them.  Guinea pigs love to eat almost any fruit or vegetable.

Photo Gallery - Introducing Peanut and Taco

Math Patterns with Playdoh -
We have finished our first math unit about Patterns and are starting our next unit about Numbers.


Monday, September 24, 2018

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! September 24, 2018

Don't forget to send in a family photo for our "I Belong" books that we are making.  I will make a photocopy of your photo and return the original.

We are having a school evacuation practice this Friday, September 28 in the morning.  We practice walking from our school, down the street to Nordale School, take attendance, and walk back again.  This is where our students would go if we ever needed to evacuate our school.  (And Nordale School practices coming to our school at the same time.)

We had a very sad day last Friday.  In the morning, our pet guinea pig, Muffin, was not feeling well.  I took her to the vet on Friday after school and she died there.  I told the children about Muffin this morning and we talked about how she had a very good life and that she was over six years old, which is a long life for a guinea pig.  We talked about how we will miss her and they shared lots of stories about other pets that have died.  Some of the children wrote about Muffin in their journals today.

I will be away from school for the next two weeks and Mrs. Isaak will be in for me.  I'm sure the children will remember her from last year when she was a substitute teacher for Mrs. Van Dale.
I will be back after Thanksgiving.  Drop by and say hello to Mrs. Isaak if you have a chance.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! September 19, 2018

Reminders - Thanksgiving Monday - October 8 - NO SCHOOL
                   - School Picture Day - Wednesday, October 10

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!                        DESAYO                           SEPTEMBER 22

We are making an "I Belong" booklet in Social Studies.  Could you please send a family photo to school as soon as you are able.  We would like to glue the pictures in our books so I will be making a photocopy for our books and sending your original photo home again.  Thanks for your help.

I will be away from school for 2 weeks starting on Tuesday, September 25 and returning after Thanksgiving Monday on October 9.  I have to have some minor surgery so keep me in your prayers.  Mrs. Linda Isaac will be coming in to substitute for me while I am away.  She is a wonderful, kind teacher who is very familiar with our school and has been substituting here many times before.

Playing name BINGO with rocket candies.


 Welcome to our new grade one friend

Our whole class in September

 Wednesday Chapel service with the whole school - Mr B helps us with music

Chapel theme for this school year - The Fruit of the Spirit

Pastor Schnarr leading chapel

Rainbow paintings - Noah's Ark Story

 There are 6 girls in our classroom

There are 8 boys in our classroom

 The boys wanted a "silly"picture too!