Friday, June 29, 2018

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! June 29, 2018


Have a wonderful summer holiday and may God continue to bless and watch over you and your families.

I loved teaching your child this year.  We had lot of fun and had lots of learning going on each day in school.  The children have all grown and matured so much over the past ten months and I know that they will be excellent grade two students.  I will miss them and your family next year.  But I will still get to teach them in art class!

Thank you for all of the thoughtful, beautiful and delicious gifts that I received from you and your child on the last day of school.  I also appreciated your kind words and cards very much.

I did send home some "homework" for the summer.  There is a set of addition flashcards for your child to cut apart and use for practising their math facts.  Please help them write the correct answer on the back of each card and practice them each day.  The Manitoba government has put "memorizing math facts" back into the curriculum outcomes for grade one.

Here are some photos from our Field Trip to Oak Hammock Marsh
Thank you to all of the parents who drove and chaperoned for us.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! June 21, 2018

Reminders - Class Party on Thursday, June 28 at 2:15 pm
                   - Last Day of school - Thursday, June 28 - Report cards sent home
                   - NO SCHOOL - on Friday, June 29

HAPPY  SUMMER BIRTHDAYS                       August 3 - Ava
                                                                               August 4 - Lena
                                                                               August 26 - Masouda

Our last week is looking pretty busy!  Here is a schedule of the special events for June 25 - 28.

Monday - June 25 - 1:00 - Talent Show
Tuesday - June 26 - 1:00 - Sports Day
Wednesday - June 27- 1:00 - Grade 8 Graduation ceremony
Thursday - June 28 - 9:00 - Kindergarten graduation
                                 10:30 - School Awards Day
                                   2:15 - Class Party

Our last class party will be on Thursday, June 28.  I did not assign any specific family to bring treats for this day (because there are often families who are not here at school) so I left it open.
So ... anyone who would like to bring a treat for this party day would be welcome to do so.  Thanks.

I have asked the children to take a look around their homes this weekend and to please return all of the class books to school.  My classroom books should have a white sticker on them with my name.

For Father's Day I had asked the children what they would like to give their father's on Father's Day.  Here are their answers.  The identities of "who said what" will be listed at the end of this post.

1) knee pads
2) chocolate milk and a new bag
3) an i-pad
4) new shoes
5) a fresh new black hat
6) a ukelele and 20 hugs
7) a nice white Firebird
8) a new hockey stick
9) NHL18 video game
10) a white board
11) a trip to Mexico
12) a new phone
13) a Jets jersey
14) a violin
15) a new blue car

PHOTO GALLERY - waiting for their turn to perform at the violin concert practice


Design a boat for the Gingerbread Man

 "Who said What" for Father's Day gift ideas -

1) knee pads - HARMONY - because he hurts his knees when we play horse
2) chocolate milk and a new bag - AJ - for karate school and chocolate milk because it is delicious
3) an i-pad - MASOUDA - to do his homework
4) new shoes - MIKALA - so he doesn't wear his crazy boots to church
5) a fresh new black hat - SOPHIE - because his old one is breaking
6) a ukelele and 20 hugs - ZOE - because he might like to play the ukelele with me
7) a nice white Firebird - CHRISTIAN - that's what he liked at the car show
8) a hockey stick - REID - so he can play hockey with me
9) NHL18 video game - ALEX - because he loves video games
10) a white board - AVA - for doing math
11) a trip to Mexico - DYLAN - to go on a trip with us
12) a new phone - JAYDEN - because he loves phones
13) a Jets jersey - LENA - because he likes going to Jets games
14) a violin - QUINN - because he might like to play music
15) a new blue car - RASCIE - because his car is black and it is too hot inside