Sunday, October 14, 2012

What's New Newsletter October 15 - 19, 2012

What’s New in One and Two?

Week of October 15 – 19, 2012

*Reminders – Field Trip to MTYP on Tuesday, October 16 – afternoon

                       - NO SCHOOL on Friday, October 19 – Teacher In-service


MUFFIN MATH                                                                                                                                                         We have a new friend in our classroom.  Her name is Muffin and she is a 3 month old guinea pig.  We had a vote last week to choose a name for her.  We had lots of suggestions (Obiwonkinobi, Mario, Lego, Chocolate, Cookie, Sunshine, Fox, Bob, and many more.)  In the final vote, Muffin won.  We are getting to know each other and will be using math to find out all about guinea pigs.  How many blocks long is she, how much does she weigh, how much does she grow?  We have also been sharing little bits of our lunch with her and finding out what she likes to eat (carrots, apple, celery, cucumber, and her favourite so far … grapes!)

FEELY BOOKS                                                                                                                                                                                         I am sending home a letter today about a little book that we are making in class about the sense of touch.  Please read the pink note and help your child find their items at home.  Please send the feely items to school this week (next Monday at the latest) because I would like to make our books next week.  Thanks!

CLASS PARTIES                                                                                                                                                 Each year our class has a number of parties to celebrate the holidays.  I usually divide up the class alphabetically between the holidays and ask each family to bring treats for one of the parties during the year.  If that day does not suit you, perhaps you can trade with another family.  Don’t worry, I’ll put reminders in the newsletters.  Please let me know if this plan does not work for you.

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