Sunday, February 9, 2014

What's New? February 10 - 14, 2014

We have a very busy week ahead of us!

All week is "I LOVE TO READ".  We have many activities planned, including guest readers, writing an "ADD-ON STORY" with the entire school, Ring-Read, voting for our top 5 books, special student readers on the intercom in the morning (including Heidi and Joel from our class) and much more.

Here are the events that need support from home -
Wednesday - It is the 100th day of school.  Please have your child count and bring 100 smallish things in a Ziplock bag.  We will be using them to count to 100 in different ways (and gluing) so do not send anything that you would like returned.  (examples - cotton balls, buttons, cereal, pasta, toothpicks, paper clips, stickers, ...)  These can be sent earlier than Wednesday if you have time.
- All of the classes will be presenting Bible story skits in Chapel.  Our class is doing "Noah's Ark".

Thursday - Wearing Words.  Please send your child to school wearing a t-shirt with words that they can read.

Friday - Dress as a favourite storybook character.  If possible please send the book where you find this character to school as well.  On Friday we will be having an assembly and sharing our costumes, reading our Add-on Story and sharing our top 5 books from each class.
- This is also our Valentine's Day Party - We will be delivering Valentine's Day cards and sharing a special snack.
Snack Parents - Kaiden, Karter, Landon, Liam and Drinks - Maya  Thank You!
Here is a list of the children in our class - Andy, Ben, Cole, Ella, Emma, Heidi, Henry, Jace, Jennie, Joel, Kaiden, Karter, Landon, Liam, Maya, Olivia, Ava, Nick, Noah (19 children)

Mrs. Windsor (Emma's mom) is coming into our class this Monday and Tuesday to teach us how to make our own batik fabric.  Each class at school will be creating their own fabric pieces. These designs will then be turned into a beautiful school quilt.  Thank you Mrs. Windsor.

We have collected many of our We Care Kit items so far.  We are hoping to put together our class kits at the end of this month.  I do have a master list if anyone has lost their list items.

Our "We Love to Read" candy heart jar is filling up!  We will be adding hearts with names of books we read all month.  I sent home some more paper hearts on Friday and if your child needs more, I have a box of them at school or you can cut out your own hearts.

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