Sunday, April 27, 2014

What's New in One and Two? April 28 - May 2, 2014

This will be Ms. Hosegood, our student teacher's, last week in our classroom.  We will really miss her and wish her the best at her summer job and at school next year.  She has taught us so much and has been a big help in our classroom.  If you have a chance this week, please make sure to say good-bye.

We have two upcoming field trips for our class.  The first is on Wednesday, May 21 in the morning where we will going to the Manitoba Museum.  The second will be on Tuesday, June 17 all day where we will be going to Oak Hammock Marsh.

The permission slips will come out a couple of weeks before the actual trip dates but I thought that I would give the parents some notice in case you would like to come along and need time to book off of work or make other arrangements.  We will need drivers so I hope to see some of you then.

We are continuing our study about mapping and started creating our own islands last week.  After MUCH, MUCH glue, the first step is complete and we will be painting our topographical maps this week.  Here are a few pictures of step one.

We also traced and cut out our hands to make illustrations for our Easter Story books this week.


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