Sunday, January 24, 2016

What's New in One and Two? January 25 - 29, 2016

Our class will be having some owl visitors next month (February 17) from the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre.  They have a list of donation items they need on an ongoing basis.  I was hoping that our class could collect one of these items to give to the visitors when they come out to our school.  The item I was thinking about is canned, wet cat food.  If you and your child would like to donate a can to this project, please send a can of wet cat food to school before their visit (Feb. 17).  I am guessing that rehabilitating owls eat cat food (Who knew?).  Thanks for your help.

The backpack item for this month's chapel is a cellphone (prayer).  We talked about prayer and how we can call on Jesus when we need help.  Our class made a large version of The Lord's Prayer, one word at a time,  which is the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples.  It is hanging up in the chapel area.

One of our reading groups put on a short skit for our class and the Grade 5/6 reading buddies last Wednesday.  It was "The Three Little Pigs" and they did an excellent job.  BRAVO!

We had our Lego Party on Friday.  It was lots of fun and I learned a lot about giving a LEGO Party. (You definitely need to schedule more than one hour.)  We started off with a short Lego video for inspiration.  Then everyone designed and built their own creations.  We took a short walk around the classroom to look at everyone's designs and I took pictures.  Next week we will be doing a "Show and Tell" about these creations.  I think most of the Lego pieces got back to their proper homes.  We also had some Lego-ish snacks.  All in all, I think our first earned class party was a success. 


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