Monday, December 12, 2016

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! December 12, 2016

Reminders - Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 15 at the Caboto Center
                   - Hamper Food should be in by this Friday, December 16
                   - Last Day of school - Thursday, December 22

Our Christmas party will be on the last day of classes for this year- Thursday, December 22 in the pm
The Snack Parents for this party are - DEKARI, EJIRO, ELIJAH, GEDDY

The school Christmas Concert is this Thursday evening, December 15.
The concert is at the Caboto Center, which is on Wilkes Avenue.
The children need to be there at 5:45 pm.
Please dress your children in Christmas (fancy) clothes.
*Don't forget - SHOES
                      - VIOLINS
The doors to the concert area will open at 5:45 and the concert begins at 6:30.
After the concert, please pick up your child from the side room and join us for refreshments.

The hamper food should be at school by this Friday, December 16.  Thank you - we have two families who have volunteered to buy presents for our two hamper children.  We are still looking for a family who would be willing to deliver the hamper this weekend.  Please let me know if you are able to help us out.  Thanks.

PHOTOS from the week - creating our life-sized nativity people


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Carol D. Angeles said...

Quite a beautiful photos :) Children learn and master some skills right from first grade - that perfect! If you want to know which other skills you could teach you kids - you can ask here, maybe you would find me :D
Anyway - good luck with kids!

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Sarah Freedman said...

Beautiful pictures, the children worked hard and applied the best of their efforts, well done! To some extent, I even envy them a little, because I did not have talent, I could not even write well myself, and my mother just bought them here Thanks for the info!