Monday, February 6, 2017

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! February 6, 2017

REMINDERS - Wednesday, Feb 8 - Dress-up as a Favourite Storybook Character
                        - Valentine's Day Party - Tuesday, February 14 in the afternoon - wear red, pink, white
                        - NO SCHOOL on Monday, February 20 - Louis Riel Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!                                   Sara                                February 4

Our Valentine's Day party will be held on Tuesday, February 14 in the afternoon.  The students are asked to wear red, pink or white clothing for the day. 
The children are welcome to bring Valentine cards for their friends at school if they wish.  But please make sure they send a card to everyone in the class.  We do not want anyone to feel left out. 
The names of the students in our class are -
Alyssa, Caleb, Connor, Cooper, Dekari, Ejiro, Elijah, Geddy, Isabelle, Jacob, Justin, Mariela, Melodie, Rafael, Sadie, Sara, Shane (17 children)

SNACK PARENTS - (remember no nuts) Jacob, Justin, Mariela, Melodie
(I just realized that Jacob's family will be away during the week of Valentine's Day and they are one of the snack parents. 
Would anyone from the Easter list be willing to switch party days? (Rafael, Sadie, Sara, Shane)
Let me know if this switch would work for someone.


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