Thursday, March 23, 2017

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! March 23, 2017

Reminders - Wear PURPLE on Friday for Epilepsy Awareness Day
                   - SPRING BREAK - March 27 - 31
                   - First Day Back - Monday, April 3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!                             EJIRO                               March 17

We have been learning a lot about the country of Chile this week.  Christian's father (from grade 8) has been arranging lots of fun activities for us.  He was born in Chile and still visits there every year.  He brought in some Chilean musicians and a dancer from Easter Island (which is part of Chile).  He also shared a number of artifacts for the students to look at.  They are displayed in the hallway across from the office.  On Tuesday he gave a presentation to our class with lots of photos and he answered our questions.  Tomorrow we are having some traditional Chilean "empanadas" to eat.

PHOTOS from this week - making "arpilleras". 
These folk-art wall-hangings are made out of fabric and yarn but we made ours out of paper.  They show pictures of daily life in Chile.

Finished "arpilleras"  (ahr-pee-YAIR-ahs)


DANCER FROM EASTER ISLAND and Christian's dad. 

Artifacts from Chile

We had a surprise guest emerge this week in our classroom.  We have kept three chrysalises in our classroom all winter.  They came from Alyssa and Isabelle's yard.  One of the butterflies decided to come out a little early. She is a black swallowtail butterfly and yes, we are pretty sure that it is a girl because girl's have more blue markings on their wings.  We are still deciding about a name.
Have a wonderful Spring Break!

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