Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! April 25, 2017

I have booked two field trips for the end of the year.  I thought that I would let you know early so that if you would like to come along, there would be time to make arrangements.  Both of these trips will be for the whole day and we will definitely need parent chaperones/drivers. 
The first trip will be on Tuesday, June 13.  We will be going to Oak Hammock Marsh. 
The second trip will be to the Assiniboine Zoo on Friday, June 23
I'll be sending home permission slips and more information later on but mark these two dates on your calendar!

We will be starting a new Social Studies unit this week about Canada and mapping.  As part of this unit, each child will be mailing a "Flat Person" to someone that they know who lives in Canada.  "Flat Stanley" is a book about a boy who gets squished flat by a falling bulletin board and his parents mail him in an envelop to visit friends. We will be making our own flat people and what I need from each family is the name and address of a friend or relative that lives somewhere in Canada (preferably not Winnipeg).  The people receiving our letters and flat people need to be willing to write back to the class and tell us something about their town.
Could you please contact these families and confirm that they are willing to help us with our Flat Stanley project over the next week or so and then send their names and addresses to school.  (If you do not have anyone to contact, please let me know and I will find someone for your child to write to.)  This project also ties into the Canada's 150th birthday this year.

We have finished up with our Science unit about Penguins this week.  The children presented their research projects to the class and we learned something about all 17 different types of penguins.  They also painted a "life-sized" penguin portrait of their penguin species.  These paintings are hanging up in the hallway as a pictograph - biggest to smallest.

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