Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! April 24, 2018

We have finished up our science unit about OWLS.  Each student shared their research project with the whole class, about one type of North American owl.  We finished painting our big mural in the hallway.  It shows each of the types of owls that we studied (life-sized) and the habitat for each one.  We went to the computer lab and searched for information about each type of owl.  Our grade 5/6 reading buddies helped us with reading some of our research information. 
We had 5 questions to answer -
What does it eat?  Where does it live?  Info about nests and babies.  One interesting fact.  And what does it look like?

Our next unit is all about MAPS.

PHOTO GALLERY - Photos of our reading buddies helping us with our owl research.



A couple of photos from milk week -

Painting our life-sized owls -

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