Sunday, April 21, 2013

What's New Newsletter April 22 - 26, 2013

What’s New in One and Two?

Week of April 22 – 26, 2013

*Reminders – NO SCHOOL this Friday, April 26 (Professional Dev. Day)


We have a couple of special “feathery” visitors coming to our class on Wednesday, April 24, in the afternoon. They are coming from the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre. It should be very interesting and exciting!

This is the last week for our study about OWLS. Most of the students have presented their Flip Book research projects to the class and they are posted in the hallway across from our habitat mural. We will be talking about what we learned and reflecting on our unit work.

Next week we will be starting a new social studies unit about Canada. I would like each student to have one contact family that lives somewhere else in Canada (a relative or a close friend) that they can send a letter to and receive an answer from. Perhaps over the next week or so the parents can think of someone suitable and contact them, asking if they would be willing to help us out with our Canada project. They will be asked to send a few postcards from their city and tell us about where they live. (It is not too much work but I would like every child to receive a reply.) More information about this “Flat Stanley” project will be coming home soon.

The children are reading “Reading Bingo” books like hotcakes around here! Some of them have filled in their first Bingo card (yellow) and have started card #2 (pink). Don’t forget, they can read Bingo books at home for home-reading but they must do the write up at school and have ME sign the Bingo boxes before they choose their prizes.

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