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What's New Newsletter April 29 - May 3, 2013

What’s New in One and Two?

Week of April 29 – May 3, 2013

*Reminders –


This week we are starting our Flat Stanley Project to go along with our CANADA unit. We are reading a book called “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown. Stanley Lambchop is a regular boy until he gets squashed flat by a falling bulletin board. One of the advantages to being flat is that his parents can put him in a large envelope and mail him for a visit to his friends in other places. We are making our own “Flat” people and mailing them, along with a postcard from Winnipeg, to our friends and family in other Canadian cities.

We need – 1) The complete name and address of a friend or family member who lives in Canada (or the U.S.) and is willing to write back to your child. 2) One post card from Winnipeg (I know they have some at Hallmark Cards)

The children will be sending their flat person and a postcard from Winnipeg with some information about our city to their “out of town” family and in return they should receive 2 or 3 postcards with information about another city. We are hoping to learn a lot about different families in different cities all across Canada.

Please send the address and the blank postcard to school this week.

Last week we had two owl visitors from Wildlife Haven - Luna, the barn owl and Max, the great-horned owl. The children were excellent during the visit, quiet and respectful and they knew A LOT about owls. They were very attentive and asked great questions! We also became scientists last week and dissected some owl pellets. We used tweezers to take off the fur and take apart the pellets. We found lots of bones and used a chart to identify which bones they were and which animals the owl had eaten.

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