Saturday, October 18, 2014

What's New in One and Two? October 20 - 24, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!               Lawrence                             October 25

There is NO SCHOOL this Friday, October 24
The homework is due on Thursday instead and the grade two spelling test is on Thursday as well.

Pumpkin Party
We will be having a Pumpkin Party on Friday, October 31.  The children may bring a costume to school (in a labeled plastic bag) and change into them after lunch recess @1:00.  Please do not send them to school already dressed in their costumes.  They do not have to bring or wear a costume if they do not want to.  Please make sure that the costume is appropriate for a Christian, elementary school.  We do have very young children in the building.  Please do not send frightening costumes with weapons or blood.

Each year we have a number of class parties and I have found it easiest to divide the parent list into groups and ask one group to send the snacks for one party per year.  If this plan does not work for you, please let me know.  Or if the holiday you are assigned is inconvenient, perhaps you could trade with another parent.

Also remember that this is a peanut safe school.  We have 20 children in our class.

Halloween - Snacks - Alia, Andy, Anne, Ben     Drinks - Brianna

Christmas - Snacks - Emerson, Evan, Hayden, Jacob      Drinks - Jared

Valentine's Day - Snacks - Jaxen,  Karter, Landon, Lawrence    Drinks - Mahder

Easter - Snacks - Mason, Owen, Riel, Sacha     Drinks - Yan

End of the year - Open for whoever would like to bring snacks

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