Monday, March 7, 2016

What's New in One and Two? March 7 - 11, 2016

Reminders - Scholastic book orders are due on Friday, March 11
                  - Report Cards come home on Friday, March 11
                  - Fill out your Student-Led Conference form and return it to school
                  - Student-Led Conferences are next week on Tuesday and Wednesday (March 15 & 16)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!                          Hayden                              March 9

The students have finished presenting their Owl Research Projects.  Each student studied one North American owl species so we learned something about 15 different kinds of owls. 
Our Owl Habitat mural is now complete with the owl inhabitants.  If you have not stopped by the hallway bulletin board, please make sure you take a look.  It is amazing!
Here are some photos of the work in progress -

Here is the finished mural with the (life-sized) owls in their natural habitat locations.

Last week we did a virtual owl pellet dissection in the computer lab.  If the children would like to try it again at home they can find it at (
Then we dissected real owl pellets.  I ordered them from B.C. and they came in the mail.
An owl pellet is not "poop".  Owls do not have teeth so they often swallow their prey whole and whatever is not digested, gets coughed back up as a pellet (kind of like a cat hairball).  We found fur and bones in our owl pellets.  The children were very excited to be scientists and compare what they found inside the pellets with our animal bone chart.


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