Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Learning's Fun ~ In Grade One! January 31, 2018

REMINDERS - No School on Friday, Feb. 2
                         - Valentine's Day Party - Wednesday, Feb 14
                         - No School on Monday, Feb 19 - Louis Riel Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!                              AJ                                 February 17

We've had a couple of group "talks" in the classroom over the last few days.  Just to keep you updated about what we discussed 😊

1) We don't have weddings, girl/boy friends, kissing, love notes, etc... at school.  You are kids and it is not appropriate for kids to be involved in grown up stuff.

2) We don't bring toys of any kind to school.  They are distracting and could get broken or lost. 

3) At the end of the day, ALL of your stuff needs to go downstairs (if you are in after school care).  Do not leave things in your locker. 

4) In the morning, the kids, should be carrying in all or most of their belongings and putting them in their own lockers.  Your parents should not be carrying everything and putting your things away for you.  You can also fill up your own water bottles.  We are working on becoming more independent.

5) Don't forget your Froggy Bag in the morning.  It is your job, not your parent's job to remember.

Whew!  Who knew there was so much to remember in grade one!

We have started our next science unit.  It is all about animal characteristics and we are going to focus on owls.  At the end of this unit each student is going to do a mini-research project on one type of owl and present it to the class.  Did you know that there are over 200 different types of owls in the world?

February is I Love to Read month here at school.  We have lots of activities planned for this exciting month.  Some of them involve dress-up days.  Here is a heads-up about what's coming up.

Wednesday - February 7 - Wear Words Day (wear clothing with words, maybe sports jerseys)
Wednesday - February 14 - Valentine's Day - (wear red, or pink or white today)
Wednesday - February 21 - Dress as a Voyageur Day
Wednesday - February 28 - Dress as a Storybook Character Day (and bring the book if you can)

PHOTOS from our field trip to the Science Gallery and the Planetarium. 
                         Thank you to all of the parents who drove and came along with us!

Making bird feeders (pinecones, lard, birdseed).  Hang them in a tree to help birds survive the winter.



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